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Future Proof your Herd with Caisley Genotronic Cattle Tags

General News 5th April 2024 | By: Shannon Grogan

In the dynamic world of modern agriculture, efficiency, precision, and data-driven decision-making are paramount. Countryside Services proudly presents the Caisley Genotronic Cattle Tag, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline cattle management processes while empowering farmers with comprehensive data insights. Tailored for calf feeders, drafting gates, parlour ID, and out-of-parlour feeders, these tags are engineered to […]


General News 31st May 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

Are your lambs ready for the market?  We have an exclusive offer on Sheep Tags for you to avail of. Order 150 or more tags and receive 10 FREE Countryside EID Loop Tag Sets. Additionally, you will receive £25 off an TGM Electronic Reader and a FREE Loop Tag Applicator for first time orders. This […]

12% Fewer Cattle Replacements Tags Sold In 2018.

Announcements, BVD, General News, News 15th March 2019 | By: Roger Allen

12% Fewer Cattle Replacements Tags Sold In 2018. There were almost 12 percent fewer cattle replacements tags sold in 2018 compared with 2016, according to official figures obtained from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). While there were 219,816 replacement tags sold in 2016 and 214,724 sold in 2017, this decreased to […]

Are you #inspired?

General News 12th March 2019 | By: Roger Allen

The Agri Food Co-operation scheme is bringing many talented producers and entrepreneurs together to develop their products. Here pictured is the Lough Neagh Artisan Food Group who have taken advantage of the many supports the scheme has to offer. Are you #inspired? Find out more about the scheme here

Countryside Services Ltd is proud to support Air Ambulance NI

General News 7th March 2019 | By: Roger Allen

Countryside Services Ltd is proud to support the Air Ambulance Northern Ireland Charity by making a significant donation of £1,500. “The Air Ambulance is an essential service for Northern Ireland and in particular the farming community.  Farmers operate heavy, dangerous equipment often on their own in very rural locations. The Air Ambulance can access medical […]

General News 14th June 2018 | By: Roger Allen

Still looking for inspiration or something unique for your Fathers Day gift? We are excited to announce a very exclusive run of our Limited Edition Father’s Day Keyring Tag. This top quality laser printed keyring is almost indestructible! It will complement any set of keys and will last for years. Available in a selection of […]

Lamb Adoption Service

General News 28th May 2018 | By: Roger Allen

We are proud to support The Lamb Adoption Service. This is a really worthwhile service for the farming community that has a dedicated team behind scenes updating the site several times a day. You can view their website here https://bit.ly/2n2DHwD Don’t forget we sell a broad range of sheep tags to suit all budgets and […]