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12% Fewer Cattle Replacements Tags Sold In 2018.

Announcements, BVD, General News, News 15th March 2019 | By: Roger Allen

12% Fewer Cattle Replacements Tags Sold In 2018. There were almost 12 percent fewer cattle replacements tags sold in 2018 compared with 2016, according to official figures obtained from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). While there were 219,816 replacement tags sold in 2016 and 214,724 sold in 2017, this decreased to […]

Are you geared up for the new BVD testing arrangements?

BVD 1st March 2016 | By: gcdtech

BVD testing became mandatory in Northern Ireland on Tuesday March 1st. Earlier this week, Farming life’s Richard Halleron called in with Countryside Services Ltd’s customer service and production manager, Ruth Potter, to find out what exactly will be required of farmers, once the new scheme goes green.

BVD scourge can affect Cattle Of All Ages

BVD 8th February 2016 | By: gcdtech

Veterinary experience at Orchard Vet Centre, Armagh has highlighted how BVD can affect animals of all ages, and the practice welcomes the compulsory BVD tissue tagging which is being introduced from 1st March.