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Tags with New Prefix Available from CSL from 24 June

in Announcements 12th June 2024

Countryside Services Ltd has welcomed DAERA’s confirmation that we are authorised to supply cattle, sheep and goat tags with the new XI prefix from Monday 24th June. As part of the phasing out of the old prefix, tag suppliers can no longer provide new tags with the UK prefix from the same date.

Livestock owners are advised that they can continue to register new-borns with UK prefix tags until the end of January 2025, although DAERA has also advised that if the animal is likely to be exported live to continental Europe, new format XI tags should be used. The provisional switchover date is 27th January 2025, after which ‘UK’ tags cannot be used.
With the introduction of XI tags, Countryside Services Ltd encourages farmers to try their high-quality, high retention Caisley tags, known for their superior durability, reliability, and hassle-free solution that saves time and money. Countryside Services Ltd offers an exclusive range of BVD, electronic, and DNA cattle tags, designed to simplify the tagging process by ensuring one tag per animal, minimising errors, and optimising workflow efficiency. Weighing only 4 grams, these lightweight tags have minimal impact on the animal’s comfort and mobility, making them ideal for use from birth. For enhanced versatility, Caisley Cattle Tags offer barcode and management space print options for seamless integration with farm management systems and efficient data recording and analysis.
If farmers have questions about this change or have leftover UK prefix tags remaining at the end of 2024, we would encourage them to contact the customer service team in Countryside Services who can help.
It is worth noting that there are a number of other policy initiatives emerging that are likely to impact how and when farmers order their tags over the next few years. With potential for a subsidised programme of DNA testing from 2026, livestock producers will require DNA sample tags to participate in this scheme as and when it begins. In addition, there is potential for movement on Bovine EID in Northern Ireland given that changes are anticipated soon in the rest of the UK. It is very early days on both fronts, but if any customers have questions or suggestions on these matters as and when they develop, we would encourage them to contact the Countryside Services customer services team.
For further information, please contact:
Email: info@countrysideservices.com
Phone: 028 8778 9770
Information from DAERA is available below:

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