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Agri Food Co Operation Scheme

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Would you like support for your Agri Food Business?


To develop the skills of group members

Study Tours

To develop the skills of group members.

Co-operation Support

Development of group structures and co-operation activities.

Other Business Tools

Management information systems, surveys, websites, logos and promotional material.



As the scheme is focused on benefiting Northern Irish agri-food production the lead applicant must be from the NI agricultural or horticultural production sector


  • the project must deal with products whose main components must already be, or could be, produced in Northern Ireland
  • a group must have a minimum of two entities
  • support can be allocated to new or existing groups. However, for support to be granted to an existing group, it must be to develop a business plan for a new joint project
  • the scheme will only support plans for projects which involve innovative/unique characteristics, with low displacement implications and the potential to add net benefits to the Northern Ireland economy

How to apply

The first stage requires you to download and submit a short expression of interest form.  You can download this form at the bottom of this page. We advise you to also download the notes for guidance document as this will provide further information regarding the scheme.

Please note the scheme will not accept applications from fisheries or aquaculture businesses, forestry businesses, or from businesses where the output is for the energy market.

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Contact Countryside Services for more information

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