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Future Proof your Herd with Caisley Genotronic Cattle Tags

General News 5th April 2024 | By: Shannon Grogan

In the dynamic world of modern agriculture, efficiency, precision, and data-driven decision-making are paramount. Countryside Services proudly presents the Caisley Genotronic Cattle Tag, a revolutionary solution designed to streamline cattle management processes while empowering farmers with comprehensive data insights. Tailored for calf feeders, drafting gates, parlour ID, and out-of-parlour feeders, these tags are engineered to […]

Changes to Northern Ireland’s Livestock Tag Prefix

Announcements 1st March 2024 | By: Shannon Grogan

In early March, DAERA announced changes to the livestock tag prefix in Northern Ireland under EU Animal Health Law.  The prefix code on Northern Ireland Livestock Tags will change from “UK” to “XI” and this will be fully implemented from January 2025.  Tags with the new “XI” prefix will become available later this year and […]

Campbell Tweed gives seal of approval to Countryside Services EID Loop Sheep Tags

News 19th July 2022 | By: Shannon Grogan

Campbell Tweed OBE, a UFU Past President who is widely regarded as one of Northern Ireland’s premier sheep farmers, values the robustness and ease of use of Countryside Services EID Loop Sheep Tags. Ballycoose Farm in County Antrim, owned and managed by Campbell, has been farmed by his family for almost five hundred years. Campbell says: […]

Are you experiencing hard to read ear tags?

News 16th August 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

You are not alone! Lots of farmers face this problem, especially those farming pigs in an outside setting. Challenging environments can make individual animal identification particularly difficult at times, with numbers often being misread and incorrectly recorded, resulting in increased cost to the farmer through additional administration and staff hours. In 2020, our sister company […]

County Tyrone sheep & cattle farmer gives thumbs up to Countryside Services EID ear tags

News 8th July 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

Ronnie Boyd, who farms sheep and suckler cows in Drumquin County Tyrone, relies on Countryside Services for all his ear tag needs.  The Boyd family has farmed on lands stretching between Omagh and Drumquin for almost fifty years with Ronnie currently stocking 260 breeding ewes – mainly Suffolk Texel Cross – and 25 AI suckler […]


General News 31st May 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

Are your lambs ready for the market?  We have an exclusive offer on Sheep Tags for you to avail of. Order 150 or more tags and receive 10 FREE Countryside EID Loop Tag Sets. Additionally, you will receive £25 off an TGM Electronic Reader and a FREE Loop Tag Applicator for first time orders. This […]

Agri-Food Co-Operation Scheme offers £30,500 for Farmers & Foodies

News 19th May 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

The Agri-Food Co-operation Scheme offers farmers and food producers the opportunity of developing a new project idea in collaboration with others in their supply chain. £30,500 of support along with 50 days Facilitation is available under the scheme to help progress the project as well as enriching each group member’s skill set. Support measures include […]

Pomeroy Suckler Farmer Praises Electronic Tag for Performance Tracking Feature

News 16th April 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

Declan Rafferty manages a suckler herd near Pomeroy, County Tyrone in partnership with brother-in-law Aidan Quinn. The farm comprises of 100 Simmental-cross, Limousine-cross, Stabiliser and Aberdeen Angus cows and currently hosts 56 hectares which is split into 5 land blocks with variant soil types. The herd has expanded from 30 suckler cows to 100 over […]

Sixth Generation Hill Farmer Values Benefits of Countryside Services Sheep EID Tags

News 4th March 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

Rachel Houston farms sheep and suckler cows, in partnership with her father Francie, on the family farm near Rostrevor in Co. Down. The farm has been managed by the family for over three centuries and currently comprises 70 acres of farmland. The 30 suckler cows and 300 breeding ewes are also grazed on common hill […]

Clandeboye Estate Dairy Herd Looks to the Future with DNA Testing

News 19th February 2021 | By: Shannon Grogan

Clandeboye Estate has a long tradition in dairy farming, with a dairy herd on the estate for over 170 years. Whilst more widely known for the production of its famous yoghurt, the Estate is also at the forefront in using the latest technologies to ensure it attains the highest standards of cow welfare, animal health […]