Providing animal identification tags to all regions in Northern Ireland

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What our customers are saying…

  • The visual tags are supplied in a single strip of four for each animal which speeds up tagging and removes the risk of inserting non matching tags. I no longer have to post samples to Belfast since Countryside Services Ltd have their own lab in Dungannon and I get results in two days rather than one week.
    Brian McGartland
  • The team at Countryside Services provide an excellent and friendly customer service and specialist advice on animal identification and BVD testing.
    James Brown
  • Purchasing from Countryside Services has proved to be the right decision as we have had no replacements required for animals tagged with the Caisley tags. It has proven to be much better value for money and taken away the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with missing tags.
    Ronda Graham
  • We would only ever use the Caisley tags as they are quick & simple to use. It is also easy to collect the BVD sample and once posted off the results come back quickly via text message. Tagging once and not having tags falling out also saves us time and money.
    James Dillon