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in News 1st June 2018

5 reasons to love milk today on #worldmilkday

1. Load up
Milk is a great source of vitamins B2, B5 and B12. Milk helps to give our body energy, reduce tiredness and encourages a healthy immune system.

2. Brain food
Milk gives you brains! Well, what we mean is that milk is rich in Iodine and this helps brain function. Your memory is better and so too is your concentration levels.

3. Under Pressure
Milk is a good source of Potassium which helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.

4. Do you even lift Bro?
Protein-rich milk is important to all of us, not just Arnie wannabes! It helps to provide our muscles with the protein needed to keep our muscles functioning. Plus remember that old saying “milk strengthens your bones?” well, that’s absolutely true, phosphorous found in milk helps our skeletal system providing our bones with everything they need for optimum health.

5. Get rich
Milk is nutrient rich and consuming milk is the most efficient and beneficial way to get the right nutrients our body needs. If you were to split the nutrients up and try to consume them as supplements on their own they would be less effective (and way more hassle and expensive) than just having some milk!

So, who would have known how amazing and essential milk is? We at Countryside Services are super proud to be supporting our local Dairy Farmers.

Let’s raise a glass (of milk) to the hard working Farmers of Northern Ireland!

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