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Winter Fair 2018

in Uncategorized 20th December 2018

On the 13th December we attended the Royal Ulster Winter Fait at the fabulous Eikon Exhibition Centre.
On display, we had our range of Caisley Livestock ID Ear Tags. Our range of Caisley Cattle Ear Tags consisted of;
BVD Cattle Ear Tags
BVD Cattle Ear Tags and Button Tags
BVD EID Ear Tags and Button Tags
BVD & DNA Ear Tags
We also had on display our replacement cattle tags.
All of our Caisley Cattle Ear Tags feature a market leading 99% retention rate and a clear unique laser marked font with a number of different printing options for management purposes.

Our Sheep ear tags consisted of Caisley Flexo breeding sets that weigh just 6 grams per set. These are available in a range of ear tag colours with a vast choice of laser marking options. A sealed EID unit ensures a lifetime read. They also benefit from a fantastic retention rate.
DNA tissue sample options are available in this range too. These Caisley flexo sheep ear tags are perfect for pedigree breeders.

We also had our very popular Sheep ear loop tags. These are extra strong, have an excellent read rate and can be read from a far distance. They also feature a strengthened pin for easier application into the sheep’s ear. These are available in a range of colours and are laser marked.

As part of our revamped display, we had some impressive stands. These stands are some of the first produced in the UK and featured some fantastic images of Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Sheep & Pigs reflecting our broad range of livestock ID ear tags.

We also brought along our laser marking machine and printed personalised keyring tags.

Our Prize Draw Quad was also on display. If you purchase your tags from Countryside Services you will be entered into a draw to win a Suzuki Quad! The model is Suzuki KingQuad 400 Automatic ATV.

Make sure you purchase your livestock ID ear tags from Countryside Services.

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