FBIS Capital Scheme – Tier 1

This page contains information for Tier 1 of the FBIS Capital Scheme.

Please note that Tranche 2 of Tier 1 closed for applications on 2 February 2018.

Privacy Policy Notice

As Delivery Agents for the FBIS Capital Scheme Countryside Services Ltd adhere to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs privacy policy.  Their privacy statement can be viewed on their website  https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/daera-privacy-statement and we encourage you to read this.

Tier 1 Tranche 2 Application Forms – online and hard copy

The Tier 1 Tranche 2 online application form is available through the following link:


Guidance for completing the online application form is available here

The Tier 1 Tranche 2 hard copy application form and associated guidance is available through the following link:

Hard copy application form and guidance


Tier 1 Tranche 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A list of FAQs for Tier 1 Tranche 2 can be found here


FBIS Capital Scheme – Tier 1 (Tranche 2)

Guidance on the Tier 1 application process, List of Eligible Items, Indication of Support Letter (bank letter), ‘Making it Safer’ Risk Assessment, Explanatory Booklet, FAQs and how to apply can be found from 12 December 2017 on the DAERA website.

Tier 1 Tranche 2 Explanatory Booklet

Tier 1 Tranche 2 Reference priced list of eligible items

‘Making it Safer’ Self Assessment

Tier 1 Tranche 2 Indication of Support letter from Bank/lending institution


Tier 1 Tranche 2 Fencing Specification and Installation Guidelines

Tier 1 Tranche 2 Educational Attainment – Level II Eligible Qualifications

Stage Two Review

If you remain dissatisfied with the Stage One Review decision you may request a Stage Two Review of the decision. Applicants may only seek a Stage Two Review of the decision after a Stage One review of the decision by the Scheme Manager has been completed.

A Stage Two Review is a review by an external panel made up of two DAERA Officials, with the Pillar II Capital Investment Branch Manager making the final decision. The Stage Two Review Panel will not include any members of the External Managing Agent.

The Stage 2 Review Form can be downloaded here and the Stage 2 Review Guide here