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Waringstown Quad Calves receive ear tags from Countryside Services

in News 2nd June 2021

Rare Aberdeen Angus Quad calves born on the farm of John and Jo-Anne Dobson outside Waringstown have received their Caisley Electronic Identification tags thanks to Countryside Services Limited.

The three bull calves and one heifer – Angus, Brody, Cooper and Daisy – are now sporting their unique Electronic Identification (EID) tags specially lasered with their names and numbers.

John, who purchases his Caisley cattle tags from Countryside Services said:  “Having quads born on our farm was a really special experience for us and one which has come with excitement as well as a few challenges along the way, including feeding four hungry mouths!

“When it came to choosing their tags it was always going to be Caisley!  Ease of use, value for money and accurate performance tracking are all hugely important to my choice of ear tag.”

Commenting Ruth Potter, Customer Services Manager, Countryside Services said “It was lovely to visit John and Jo-Anne on their farm and to see the calves running about with their new tags proudly in place!

“Angus, Brody, Cooper and Daisy join hundreds of thousands of livestock across the Country with a reliable and robust tag which has undergone extensive manufacturer research and development.

“Farmers like John and Jo-Anne are busy people who don’t need the added hassle and cost which comes with replacing lost tags – that’s why Caisley Tags were a natural choice for them as they save both time and money.”

Jo-Anne and John own and manage Hermitage, a triple award winning beef and cereal farm, on lands just outside Waringstown.

John concludes: “Caisley tags really do tick all the boxes when it comes to taking the hassle out of tagging.  With the busy day to day running of a beef and cereal farm having long term and reliable tag retention really does give us one less thing to worry about and there was a very quick turnaround from ordering to delivery.

“The speed and ease of application of Caisley tags is hugely important as it reduces stress on the calf as well as reducing the chance of mixing up tags as they are supplied in a strip. I particularly like the applicator which gives a clean quick action and retains the BVD sample – sealed and safe – after the tag has been inserted.

“I have used tags in the past which were brittle and prone to breaking off however the proven reliability of Caisley Tags ensures that throughout their lives all our calves have a much higher chance of retaining their tags which is important when we are weighing, dosing, identifying and transporting.”

You can purchase your Caisley ear tags by calling 028 8778 9770, or if you purchase your tags from a Farm Store or Veterinary Practice please call us and we will direct you to your nearest Caisley tag outlet.

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