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Sheep Breeding Tags

The new Countryside range of sheep breeding tags includes the Caisley FLEXO EID button with exceptional retention and transponders that read for life.

A convex ventilated shape and lightweight design makes it ideal for breeding ewes of all ages. A favourite of pedigree producers and breed societies, the Caisley FLEXO button sheep ID tag comes with a flag visual (assorted colours) and is also available as a tissue test tag for DNA testing.

New Sym EID

The Countryside New Sym EID range of sheep breeding tags offers a low cost, reliable solution for tagging lambs destined for the factory, incorporating an EID and visual combination which meets DAERA/DEFRA specifications for hassle free sheep management.

The Electronic Tag will always be yellow in colour, but the visual tag can be a range of colours including blue, green, orange, yellow, pink or purple.

For more clarification on sheep identification and tag colours, Click Here

Breeding Replacement Tags

A breeding replacement tag is always red. Breeding replacements are used when you do not know the animal number and they have not been born on your holding. So if you are replacing a single tag you should order a Replica or more commonly known as a Re-Tag.