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Cattle BVD Test Tags

The Countryside BVD TAG & TEST range is the tissue testing tag of choice in the current BVD eradication scheme.

The 3 in 1 action is simple to use, tamperproof and still delivers unbeatable retention. Tag your calves using the universal applicator which protects the sample vial during and after application providing a sealed sample ready to send to the testing laboratory.

Why compromise and have the cost, time and hassle of replacing other TST tags on the market that are experiencing higher losses? BVD testing is a fact of life for several years, why not speak to Countryside and switch to Caisley FLEXO and make your life easier – you will be glad you did!

The BVD testing tag is only part of the story -our knowledge, experience and advice we can share since the programme was introduced makes us the tag provider of choice. But do not take our word for it – – speak to us and see first-hand how our services can work for you!

The FLEXO range can also be used for DNA sampling for herd genetics and traceability requirements. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Ask Any of the Countryside tag team for advice on your BVD Tag & Test programme.


“It’s a no-brainer using the FLEXO range for Tag & Testing calves, the whole process is so simple. When you hear the click, you know the sample is there, safely held in the tagger -even if you drop the pliers it’s fine as the sample vial is already sealed”.

– Sam Chesney Ards Peninsula, Kircubbin