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Countryside Services are committed to the eradication of BVD from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland -as well as the wider United Kingdom. Our dedicated information portal www.BVDfreeNI.com site provides more information and education on BVD detection, prevention and eradication.

BVD – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea – is a highly contagious disease which causes significant harm to the well-being and profitability of cattle in your herd. NADIS suggest up to 90% of UK herds having BVD exposure indicating the likely presence of Persistently Infected (PI) animals in your herd. These animals can appear normal and vaccination does not provide a cure. They remain highly infectious throughout their life. Vaccination is not 100% effective and removal of PI’s is essential to your herds wellbeing and profitability. An effective Tag & Test programme can determine an animal’s exposure eliminate to the BVD virus identify a PI which needs to be isolated and culled immediately. But also, Transiently Infected animals (TI’s) who recover quickly and pose no infection threat and can remain in the herd.

As you are aware, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland and Scotland are currently undertaking BVD eradication programmes. A voluntary programme has also commenced in England and Wales.

Testing your animals for BVD is an economical investment for your future and Animal Health Ireland (AHI) Financial returns are estimated to give a return of €10 for every €1 in the Republic of Ireland BVD programme.

Countryside Services are at the forefront of eliminating BVD from our shores. Our FLEXO test tag is a market leader in the current Northern Ireland BVD Eradication Scheme